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Video: The golden Domain Name

Mac Nagaswami, founder and CEO of Carvertise speaks at a TEDx event in Wilmington, Delaware about how he figured out to get the domain from an established domainer. The challenge: He registered all available TLDs, except the .com – it was already taken. So he chose for himself to not change his business name until he gets access to the .com Domain. How did he get it?

How to be successful in Domain Business

There are two essential questions you have to face when entering the World of Domains: "How do you find the appropriate price for your domain?" and "how do you know that you did not pay too much for your domain name?".

Sedo is the best place to sell your domain (and buy them, too!)

More than 54% of all Domain Sales in March have been sold via Sedo.

Chinese Investors are Hoarding Web Addresses

Currently Chinese investors account for more than half of the ownership of all registered new gTLDs (54%).

„The Domain Game“ – Testen Sie jetzt Ihr Wissen über Domains!

Mit der neuen App „The Domain Game“ von NameBio haben jetzt alle iOS-User die Möglichkeit ihr Domain-Wissen zu testen.

Highlights from Sedo’s Domain Village during SXSW

At SXSW 2016, Sedo built a Domain Village connecting domain names with their real life counterparts!

Empirical Study on the dynamic of domain registrations

Dr. Thies Lindenthal on how cyberspace is no different from traditional cities in economic terms and the future of new TLDs

Rekordpreis für .shop

Die offizielle Auktion der ICANN erzielte 41,5 Millionen US-Dollar

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